Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Overweight and Medium

So, as the previous post showed, according to BMI I'm no longer obese! WOO FREAKING HOO!

I figured I'd share an interesting BMI stat! At my heaviest weight, 229 kgs / 504.8 lbs, my BMI was 66.6 :D My weight was evil! But a BMI of over 60? That's almost unfathomable to most people. Hell, so is over 500 lbs and over 200 kgs.

I'm not sure of all the classifications, and they're different everywhere, but I believe the highest is super obese? Which is a BMI of 50 or above. I was definitely that. Then I was morbidly obese. Then I was severely obese. Then just regular old obese. Now I'm overweight.

I remember reading Kim's post about becoming overweight, and wanting desperately to be the same. There's something about that word, "obese." It's a rather amorphous word, at least in my mind. It's as if there are no boundaries to it. "Overweight" is very particular about what it describes. There's some safety, at least in the mind, with that.

One other thing. The other day I bought a few singlets/tank tops and boxers in size Medium... the reason I bought them in Medium? They fit! Fan-dabi-dozi! If it weren't for my body issues, I'd buy regular clothes in Medium, I think.

I'm now also only 1.7 kgs away from my goal, or 3.7 lbs! If not this week, perhaps next week I'll get there. I hope this week, though, as Mary will be here!

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