Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekly Weigh-in: NO LONGER OBESE!

I've been bitten by the sugar demon. I've been infected by infructosenza. CARBS! AHHH!

I've learned something, though. Sugar to me is like a drug after not having heaps of it for so long. Cakes, ice creams, cookies, juice, soda. Seriously. Today Mary and I were talking about it. We both wanted chocolate or anything sweet soooo badly. It was crazy. I haven't been craving sweet stuff in so long, but it was insane how much I wanted anything sweet. My mind was going through all the things I could eat. When I finally ruled out buying anything, my mind switched to the various things I could make. Sugar destroyed my mind.

But now I'm thinking clearer. No sugar for a while, I think. But damn that caramel slice we walked past looked so good... bah!

Today we went clothes shopping. Well not so much shopping, as trying things on. It was fun :) Well I had fun.

Anyway, weigh-in!

Current weight: 101.7 kgs (224.2 lbs)
Previous weight: 102.3 kgs (225.5 lbs)
Highest weight: 229 kgs (504.8 lbs)
Weight loss this week: 0.6 kgs (1.3 lbs)
Total weight lost: 127.3 kgs (280.6 lbs)

Okay, REALLY didn't expect that. After the mega choc shake, burrito, pizza, caramel chocolate slice, ginger slice, etc. I figured I was heading for a gain.

Btw, you should totally check out Mary's new food blog. It's photos of the stuff she eats (which is pretty much stuff I'm eating too), and they're really good, so check it! It'll make you hungry!

Oh, btw, this probably should have been a milestone, but I forgot/didn't know. 280 lbs is 20 stone. I've lost 20 stone. That doesn't mean much to me, but to the Brits reading it might :)

*edit* Okay, holy crap. I just checked my BMI. 6'1" 224.2 lbs... BMI = 29.6! I'M OVERWEIGHT! HOLY CRAP!!!!! I really am just fat, now! The Fat Lazy Guy is apt! Haha. FREAKING CRAZY!

Okay, that is a milestone. I don't even care if I didn't put it down. I'm stupid for not having put it down earlier. WOO! Definitely sending this in for blogger news on Two Fit Chicks & a Microphone :D

Okay, that's all. Early post. I'm tired. School starts in a couple days. GAH! Do not want to even think about it.

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